of the world’s population is financially excluded (2.5 billion people)

of Africans are financially excluded (925 million people)

of Francophone Africans are financially excluded (100 million people)

The major problems in Africa like poverty, will only be resolved when Africans come together to develop solutions that are uniquely African.

Bernie Akporiaye, CEO of MaTontine

Who we are

We are Africans who are passionate about improving the financial outcomes for the financial excluded.

MaTontine digitizes the traditional, centuries-old, peer-to-peer savings circles (Tontines) in Africa and beyond, in order to unlock access to financial services like small loans to the financially excluded.

What is MaTontine?

MaTontine is a digital financial services platform

We went back about century to a system used all over Africa. It is called Tontines in Francophone Africa (Natt in Senegal, Esusu in Nigeria, Jangi in Cameroon, etc.); sometimes called saving circles.

Here is how it works…

A group of say 10 people, each with its own manager, contributes say $10 every month into a pot and at the end of the month one member of the group collects the pot of $100. This cycle repeats itself until everybody has won the $100 pot.

Our innovation is to build a digital platform that automates this whole process and incorporates a credit scoring system in order for us to provide access to small loans and other related services like e.g. micro-insurance from our partners based on the credit score of our members.

All financial transactions are done digitally using mobile phones and mobile money.

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