Tontines have existed in one form or the other for over a century in Africa.

Major outcomes

  • Improve financial and personal outcome of our members
  • Empower our members to lift themselves out of poverty through entrepreneurship and technology
  • Unlock access to financial and related services for our community
  • Facilitate a saving culture that rewards financially responsible behaviour

Our team

Our team comprises a diverse stakeholder base that includes members, tontine managers, community managers, employees, investors and partners.

Our core values


Working with passion, commitment & enthusiasm


Being absolutely the best trained workforce

Team spirit

Working hand-in-hand with our members to attain their personal goals

The well-being

Putting employee welfare at the core of our organization

Our members

The MaTontine community is made up of members, tontine managers and community managers.
Our Tontine managers manage the members in their group and our community managers manage large groups of Tontine managers.