Step 1

10 people, each with their own manager, contribute $10 each month

Step 2

At the end of the month, a member wins the $100 bet

Step 3

This cycle is repeated until everyone has won the $100 draw

The principle

Participants usually contribute equally on a periodic basis to a pot that is awarded entirely to one participant at the end of the period. People use this system to start businesses, buy equipment and livestock, build homes, send their children to school etc.

MaTontine’s innovation is to bring Tontine into the digital age, by automating it using mobile technology.

Our innovation is not just the digitization of tontines, but the access to safety net services for the financially excluded like micro loans, micro-health insurance, savings etc.; all from the same platform.

By partnering with regional operators whom have a mobile payment platform, our members are able to carry out financial transactions on their phones easily, securely and ubiquitously.

The benefits

Being part of a tontine has traditionally brought significant benefits to the financially underserved. MaTontine members benefit even further by having the tontine process digitized.

Our platform facilitates a robust savings culture amongst our members; and with our inbuilt credit scoring system we are able to provide access to range of pertinent services including: loans, micro-health insurance, prescription drug insurance, bulk purchasing (e.g. phones, foodstuff, equipment, fertilizer) etc.