Tontines are culturally embedded in our societies and are used across all strata of society, from market women up to senior executives. MaTontine’s main focus however, is on the financially excluded earning less $5/day.

We provide access to a diverse range of services based on the financial needs of our members.

There are typically 3 main types of tontines :


Social tontines are the most common & are used for things like starting businesses, hospital fees, purchasing equipment & livestock, building homes, paying school fees etc.


Commercial tontines are a little bit more formal and leverage the community-based aspects of the social tontine in order to provide services like loans to its members.


Financial tontines uses a form of auction to award loans to the highest bidder. A “banker” is appointed amongst the members that manages all aspects of the service.

We offer a diverse range of services based on the financial needs of our members.


Providing access to innovative credit products through partners


Access to a range of insurance services for example micro-health insurance

Group purchases

Leveraging the purchasing power of thousands of our members to offer discounts on goods purchased

Peer-to-peer lending

Providing the platform for lending between individuals

Who are the participants?

Starting in Senegal, MaTontine will be available throughout Francophone Africa and beyond.


of francophone Africa is financially excluded.