A monumental sculpture, to be created using the ancient secrets and modern science of stone.

Combining the earth-binding philosophy of alchemy with the scientific rigor of geology and chemistry, we have discovered a formula to produce a unique ultra-resistant stone material, capable of withstanding the harshest atmospheric conditions and resisting erosion for millions of years.

Monolith is a one-piece block, the largest manmade stone ever built or quarried. Deep within the solid rock and sealed inside of Nucleus, its contents will be permanently protected from exposure to all kinds of radiation received on Earth. The sculpture will be dated by astronomically aligning its position to the vernal equinox at the time of creation.


At its core, Monolith will hold unique and precious cargo belonging to 23 patrons.

Throughout history, uniquely powerful human beings have devised strategies and invested resources to ensure that their life and story is never forgotten. 23 patrons will be endowed each with one capsule. This vessel, beautifully engraved with the person's chosen context and intimate story, will store hair strands carrying DNA, hermetically sealed in a smaller glass ampoule. The biological and cultural evidence of their human life, will thus become the means to transcend and attain immortality.


Our era will come to an end as did the ones before. Humanity's ultimate legacy will be limited to a few surviving relics. Who will be remembered?

The Pharaohs of Egypt used their unrivaled power to attempt transcendence beyond their own life. As a result, their legacy, their great monuments and their most precious possessions, even their own bodies meticulously preserved, have been passed down the generations, and are still treasured, thousands of years later. The great ambition of their vision -immortality- matched the monumental scale of their constructions. Scale is the measure that ensured their story would be told forever, with the same awe and wonder they inspired in their own epoch.

All human civilizations have used readily available materials to construct their monuments, at times scavenging from pre existing structures. The buildings that remain are those exceptional relics that were not completely pillaged or demolished. And the key to their survival is their scale and monolithic architecture: it is simply too great of an effort to dismantle and repurpose them, especially when other lighter materials are readily available.


You want to transcend. You want your essence and your identity to continue resonating through the ages. Beyond civilization, beyond humanity, even beyond life itself.