How we work with our Beneficiaries

We work with associations – especially within the agricultural value chain – to provide them with a holistic range of financial and non-financial services in their journey to financial inclusion. «Click on the bricks for further information»

Use our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to create a digital lending file for beneficiaries that lenders can use to make a quick credit decision.
We are able to build unique and sophisticated credit profiles using a range of data points including:

  • Biographical information
  • Financial transactions
  • Tontine participatione
  • Farm yield
  • Revenues
  • Social graph
  • Etc.

A common request from our beneficiaries is training. Whether that is for financial education or agroecology.
With our goal of taking beneficiaries on a journey to financial inclusion, we are able to integrate training and certification into their access to finance.
This reduces the risk for the financial services provider and at the same time empowers the beneficiary.

We believe that tontines are one of the best ways to develop a credit profile. It is an indigenous savings system used throughout Africa that is culturally embedded within our target population.
We therefore use tontines as the first step along the financial inclusion journey, layering on further services based on good tontine behavior.

We offer our beneficiaries a range of financial products tailored to their needs and the outcomes that they seek.
So, for example if they seek self-sufficiency from their farms those services could be a combination of loans, savings, crop insurance and cheap access to seeds.

We are able to leverage our network of agricultural workers in order to buy agricultural inputs at significant discounts

We work with women and agricultural associations to help them digitize their processes. Whether that is membership management, accounting processes, training & certification etc.

It is impossible to do financial inclusion without digital financial services and therefore a digital payment gateway.
We partner with the leading providers of mobile or digital money in order to facilitate the transfer of funds for services purchased or received.

We see that energy access is key to the welfare of our beneficiaries. A significant percentage of them do not have access to the electrical grid. This limits the outcomes for them and their family.
Even those who have access, do so at significant costs which limits their ability to escape poverty.
We partner with solar companies to provide products aligned with the outcomes of our beneficiaries. For example, a solar pump to enable irrigation at an affordable cost.