Financial Inclusion

A Journey Towards Financial Inclusion

Our goal is to enable our beneficiaries to move from the fight against poverty to the creation of wealth. We do this by providing them with the appropriate level of services at each stage of their journey. Here is an example of a customer journey.


Create Digital Identities

Create digital identities in compliance with regulatory requirements (Know-Your-Customer, ‘’KYC’’)


Develop A Culture Of Savings

Start building a credit profile (financial history) by adopting a savings culture (individually or in savings groups)


Capacity Development

Develop internal capabilities through training (e.g., business development) or by adopting new processes (e.g., basic accounting)


Financial And Digital Education

Acquire specific financial and digital skills (e.g., savings, loans, budgeting, digital payments, etc.)


Create Credit Profiles

Use the information gathered in the previous steps to create a credit rating that financial institutions can use to assess your creditworthiness


Present The Digital File

Present the credit file in digital form to a financial institution that meets their specific needs (business profile, credit rating, income, accounts receivable, etc.) so they can make a quick loan decision


The Final Stage Of The Distribution Chain

Provide financial services (loans, insurance, savings) digitally; even to customers who live far away

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