MaTontine Bricks

We have invested in developing building blocks «MaTontine Bricks» that our partners and beneficiaries use to create their own unique solutions which meet their financial inclusion goals. See examples below. «Click on the bricks for further information»

If you are interested in entering the financial inclusion space, but do not have a clearly articulated strategy, we can help you develop one that includes

  • Your Theory of Change
  • Customer acquisition
  • Marketing and communications
  • Technology
  • Operations
  • Etc.

A different set of products are required to be successful in order to be successful within the financial inclusion industry. One cannot just transfer an existing portfolio of products to this target group.
We can help partners design products specific to the target customers. We employ Human Centered Design to ensure that the right products are developed which take into account the cultural, literacy, technological and infrastructural barriers that the beneficiaries face.

Use our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to create a digital lending file for beneficiaries that lenders can use to make a quick credit decision.
We are able to build unique and sophisticated credit profiles using a range of data points including:

  • Biographical information
  • Financial transactions
  • Tontine participatione
  • Farm yield
  • Revenues
  • Social graph
  • Etc.

We offer our beneficiaries a range of financial products tailored to their needs and the outcomes that they seek.
So, for example if they seek self-sufficiency from their farms those services could be a combination of loans, savings, crop insurance and cheap access to seeds.